Viable Alternative Mine Operating System

As part of the Horizon 2020 programme, a 48 month Research & Development Project
has been executed to enable the exploitation and rehabilitation of underexploited and abandoned European deposits of mineral raw materials

Horizon 2020 programme

As part of the Horizon 2020 programme, a 48 month Research & Development Project, has been executed to foster the exploitation and rehabilitation of underexploited and abandoned European deposits of mineral resources.

Under the coordination of BMT Group Ltd and the Technical management of Soil Machine Dynamics Ltd, a consortium of 16 project partners from nine EU countries will collaborate to bring success to the project.

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The aim of the ¡VAMOS! (Viable Alternative Mine Operating System) project was to design and build a robotic, underwater mining prototype with associated launch and recovery equipment, which was used to perform field tests at two EU minesites.

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A prototype underwater, remotely-controlled, mining machine along with launch and recovery equipment was developed.
Underwater sensing, spatial awareness, navigational and positioning, and grade control technology was enhanced, plus a real time VR control system for operators was developed
Field trials in 2 abandoned submerged mine sites were held, sampling a range of rock types at varying depths, proving the operational viability of the equipment
The capital cost, productivity and cost of operation of a submerged mining operation was estimated, and compared with conventional mining techniques
Market potential and a future research road map have been determined, the regulatory framework has been investigated, and policy recommendations have been defined
The prototype has been demonstrated to stakeholders and the project progress and findings have been disseminated at +100 conferences and exhibitions, through tenths of publications and scientific articles, movies etc

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A Partnership that boosts European Innovation

Europe has been actively mined over many centuries and many easy-to-access mineral deposits are mostly depleted, while deeper lying ones have not been fully explored. The major opportunities to access raw materials within the EU are in greater depths, in remote, but also in populated areas, in former mine sites, in low grade deposits, and in small deposits where larger mining operations may not be feasible. Estimates indicate that the value of unexploited European mineral resources at a depth of 500-1,000 metres is approximately €100 billion. ¡VAMOS! will contribute to ensuring the sustainable supply of raw materials to the European economy whilst increasing benefits for society as a whole by introducing a number of concrete research and innovation actions regarding automated mining, mining of small deposits and alternative mining.

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The outcomes and the future of the ¡VAMOS! project

The 31st of January marked the last day, after four years of designing, producing, assembling and testing, of the ¡VAMOS! project. It has been a long road, but the project team has managed it very well.

Now that ¡VAMOS! is reaching the end of the funded period term, it is time for an internal evaluation of the proposed objectives and to prepare for the future. The project might be over, but the collaboration will continue.

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